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The road is free used by everyone regardless of one’s educational background, status, sex, race, creed or religion. To ensure safety on the road, there are top 5 dangers all road users must be aware of to avoid accidents.
The Dangers of Overloading
Every motor vehicle has limits to the number of passengers or the weight of goods
that it can carry. When the driver exceeds the limits then the vehicle is
overloaded. Overloading is not advisable: it is against the road traffic law.
It affects the stability and balancing of the vehicle on the road. It slows down
the movement of the vehicle. It can lead to single vehicle accident. It reduces
the useful life of the vehicle. It affects the engine.
Before loading the vehicle, the driver should check the load limit of the vehicle.
Ensure that the load does not exceed the limit. Know the overhead clearance in
case there is any overhead bridge on the route and be concerned about the
comfort and safety of passengers.
Driving In the Rain
Driving in the rain poses some problems. There are dangerous conditions which occur
when it rains:
  •         The road becomes
    wet and slippery.
  •         The tires of the vehicle may not have full
    grip on the road surface because of lack of adhesion.
  •         Visibility ahead
    may be reduced.
  •         The edge of the
    road may not be visible.
  •         Some roads may
    become impassable because of flood.

What One Must Do during rainy season:

  •          During rainy
    season, make sure you take weather warnings seriously.
  •          Reduce your
  •          Increase the following distance between you
    and the vehicle ahead from 2 seconds to 3, 4 or      5 seconds.
  •          Never drive so
    close to the edge of the road.
  •          Park when visibility is very poor.
  •          Wiper blades
    must be functioning.
  •               Avoid routes which could be flooded during the
    rainy season.

Driving In a Mountainous Area

This is one of the top 5 things all driver must be aware of to avoid road accidents.When
driving in hilly and mountainous areas, a driver needs to know what to do and
what not to do.
What to do.
Make sure your
brakes are working.
When one is descending, the vehicle speed
increase because of the force of gravity.
Reduce speed by
taking your leg off the accelerator once you start descending.
Select a safe
Look for warning
signs which indicate the steepness of the road and obey such signs.
What to do when climbing a hill
  •        Loads must be
    securely fastened to prevent any from tumbling down.
  •        Never overtake.
  •        Increase speed
    before you start climbing.
  •        Select a low
    gear to enable you climbs the hill.
  •        Staying in your
    line, concentrating on your climbing and check out the corners before moving.

Driving on the motorway

Motorways are usually dual carriageways on which vehicles travel fast. On account of the
speed, animals, pedestrians, hawkers and pedal cyclist are not to use the
motorway. Activities such as waiting, stopping, loading and offloading are not
allowed on the motorway.
On the motorway;
  •          Make sure the
    vehicle is fit and roadworthy to travel fast.
  •          Tyre’s are
    inflated at the correct pressure.
  •          Make sure the
    vehicle has enough fuel, oil and water.
  •          Observe the road
    ahead continuously.
  •          Observe traffic to
    the sides.
  •          Never change
    lines suddenly .anticipate the action or inaction to other drivers. Reduce your
    speed as you approach the end of the motorway.

Road signs and Marking

Road signs and marking guides, warns, informs, directs and regulates road users. Road
signs are identified by colors [red, yellow etc] by shape [triangular inshape etc.], by symbol.
  •          Triangular signs
    give warning
  •          Circular signs
    give orders
  •          Rectangular
    signs give information.
Here you are with the top 5 dangers all driver must be aware of to avoid road
accidents. Kindly share your comments below! You can also make suggestions and
It is the goal of Eureka Technical Services Limited to ensure safety on the roads.
We provide the education, guidance and equipment to ensure road safety. You
can contact us for speed governors, car alarms, trackers etc.
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