Road Traffic Accidents

10 Key Facts About Road Traffic Accidents

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Without controversy, the alarming rate of road traffic accidents is beginning to wage war against the socio-economic development of most countries.

Road accidents not only make innocent people incapacitated, they also cause of talents, productivity, economic growth and lives.

This calls for high level of constant awareness about the key facts of road safety. Making aware the key facts of road safety and road safety campaigns should draw public awareness to put up behavior and conducts that reduced road traffic accidents.

The following are some key facts about road traffic accidents:

  1. 3% of the world’s gross domestic products (GDP) are lost to road traffic injuries each year.
  2. An estimated 1.25 million people die every year as result of road traffic accidents.
  3. In every 25 seconds one person dies through road traffic accidents each year.
  4. Over a third of the world’s road traffic accidents occurs in low-and middle-income countries are among pedestrians and cyclists.
  5. 90% of the world’s road traffic accidents come from low-income and middle income countries with about 54% vehicular deaths.
  6. Without constant awareness, practicing of road safety regulations and policies, road traffic accidents will be rated the top cause of death worldwide.
  7. About 26.5% of the world’s accidents take place in Africa.
  8. The highest toll of road traffic accidents tends to take place in African countries and low-income European countries.
  9. Road accidents are said to be the leading cause of death among people within the ages of 15 and 29 years.
  10. The five risk factors that cause road traffic accidents are speed, drunk dricvign helmets, seat-belts and child restraints.

In order to reverse the key facts about road accidents, it is very important for drivers to take the following actions and conducts. Conducts such as the following:

  1. Driver must take responsibility to ensure safety on the road always.
  2. Drivers must desist from drugs and alcohols which intend influence driving.
  3. Minimize distractions while driving to stay alert and attentive while driving.
  4. Ensure motor vehicles are in good condition before getting them on the toad.
  5. Constantly repair and maintain vehicle so as to ensure vehicles do not pose threats to road accidents,
  6. Always stay courteous, thoughtful and prudent while driving behind the wheel.
  7. Maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles for emergencies.
  8. Always look very careful before making driving maneuvers.
  9. Avoid driving when you are tired, exhausted and highly frustrated.
  10. Respect other road users such as cyclists and pedestrians and ensure safety.

Source: World Health organization

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