Singing While Driving

The Dangers of Singing While Driving

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Music is one those things that have been woven into our social fabric. Nearly everyone on earth today likes music. It is just the kind and the type of music that people like that differs. This adorable and insatiable music tends to have an effect on driving.

Most drivers today have a music or radio system in their vehicles. People listen to music in their cars to avoid boredom, loneliness and keep themselves alive while driving.

In fact many people admit to singing while driving. But it tends out that the dangers of singing while driving does more harm than good to drivers.

A 2013 study by the Genevieve Hughes, Christiana Rudin-Brown and Kristie Younng  entitled, “ A simulator study of the effects of singing on driving performance, revealed the following key facts;

  1. Listening to music while driving is a common activity that can be distracting.
  2. Singing along to music while driving may be even more distracting.
  3. We compared ‘no music’, ‘listening’ and ‘singing’ conditions in a driving simulator.
  4. Singing increased workload, changed driving performance and hazard perception.
  5. Singing does not appear to affect driving performance more than listening to music.

The study also said, “As expected, singing while driving was rated as more mentally demanding, and resulted in slower and more variable speeds, than driving without music.

 Listening to music was associated with the slowest speeds overall, and fewer lane excursions than the no music condition. Interestingly, both music conditions were associated with slower speed-adjusted PDT response times and significantly less deviation within the lane than was driving without music.”

This serves as a caution for many drivers who results to singing in their cars while driving. The dangers of singing while driving may not be evident to you if you have become addicted to it. By the key is that you might be exposing yourself to road traffic accidents.

The cognitive and psychmotive skills of the brain are required to stay focus on processing and handling the hand-to-eye maneuvering activities.

But the singing while driving causes the driver to drift his or her attention slightly from the car which makes it uneasy to make quick actions and quick moves when it comes to driving.

Are you also part of those who are involve in singing while driving? Examine the dangers of singing while driving and desist from that conduct!

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