Vehicle Tracking Systems

The 3 Components of GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems

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The relatively high theft rate, over speeding and uncontrollable driver behavior and misconduct on roads has increasingly made vehicle tracking systems very important in the modern day fleet management functions.

Not only does the device makes it easy in fleet management but it also mitigates risks and boost the confidence of insurance companies when dealing with fleet owners.

Vehicle tracking systems are simply a monitoring system that keeps watch and tracks vehicles anywhere they go. A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects fleet data to get the comprehensive location of a vehicle in any moment of time. Most vehicle tracking systems uses GPS technology to make their work effective and productive!

The comprehensive location of the vehicles at any moment on time can be viewed via Google Maps through internet connection or any specialized software. This helps fleet managers and owners to keep track of their vehicles and ensure safety.

GPS Vehicle tracking systems are made of three main components:

  1. The GPS Tracking Device
  2. The GPS Tracking Server
  3. The GPS User Interface

The GPS Tracking Device

The GPS tracking device is fitted into a vehicle by a professionally trained GPS Tracking System engineer this enables the GPS location of the vehicle to be tracked and monitored at regular intervals through a server.

The following are the core information that are being tracked by the GPS Tracking Device: fuel amount, engine temperature, altitude, reverse geocoding, door open/close, tire pressure, cut off fuel, turn off ignition, turn on headlight, turn on taillight, battery status, GSM area code/cell code decoded, number of GPS satellites in view, glass open/close, fuel amount, emergency button status, cumulative idling, computed odometer, engine RPM, throttle position,GPRS status and a lot more.

The GPS Tracking Server

The GPS tracking server performs the function of obtaining and receiving data from the GPS tracking unit, securing and storing that data and providing that information to the user when processed. The server is just a storehouse of the GPS Tracking System!

The GPS User Interface

The GPS User Interface the UI determines how one will be able to access information, view vehicle data, and elicit important details from it.

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