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Five Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car Engine Strong

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Your car engine is the most important part of your car. It is the engine that will keep your car running on the road. When you keep your car engine strong, then your car is in a much better.

For your car engine to remain strong always, you will need to practice good maintenance habits to keep it strong and running. How do you do that? Here are five maintenance tips to keep your car engine strong.

Tip 1: Make it a habit to change the engine oil regularly.

The engine oil in your car helps your car engine to operate smoothly and also to prevent overheating. The car engine oil gets dirty with time or low, not changing the engine oil regularly can cause a major damage to your engine.

Tip 2: The fuel tank should not runout completely empty.

The fuel tank of your car is likely to accumulate a good amount of dirt at the bottom with time. When you allow the fuel tank to run completely empty, it is likely that dirt’s will enter the car engine and cause excessive damage. It is wise to always keep your fuel tank at least half full.

Tip 3: Practice good driving habits. Avoid driving on poor roads.

Also, when driving, drive at a constant speed, this will help obtain good mileage and it will also help engine to deliver optimal performance for a longer time.

Tip 4: Clean or change the engine air filter.

The air filters in your car prevent unwanted materials like dirt’s, leaves and other foreign materials from entering the engine. These filters can get blocked when the dirt accumulates over time, and this can affect the engine’s performance. To keep your car engine strong, you will have to clean your air filters properly or get them replace when the need be.

Tip 5: Change engine timing belt.  

The engine belt also contributes to the efficient functioning of the fan, alternator, conditioner and water pump in your car engine. Your engine belt can get damaged with time due to friction and other incidents. Experts advise that, you replace engine belts immediately.

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