road safety tips for pedestrians

5 Road Safety Tips for Pedestrians

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It seems majority of pedestrians who use our roads these days care less about their own safety and much less the safety of other road users. In 2017 alone, statistics provided by the Motor Traffic Transport Department (MTTD) revealed that a total of 3,300 pedestrians were involved in road accidents, out of which 879 persons died.

Pedestrians normally ignore and fail to abide by road safety tips for pedestrians. Carelessness and ignorance on the side of pedestrians does not affect them alone, but also affects the safety of other road users and puts them in danger.  For all road users to stay safe on the road, they must make it their priority to adhere to road safety tips for pedestrians.

As a pedestrian on the road, what road safety tips for pedestrians can you practice to stay safe on the road and also make sure that you are not posing as a danger to other road users as well. Here are five road safety tips for pedestrians:

  1. Pedestrians should always use pedestrian crossing like the zebra crossing, overhead bridges, underpasses and traffic light when crossing the road.
  2. Pedestrians should not cross roads at bends or curves. This is very risky as you can get knocked down by a vehicle. Incoming vehicles and and drivers cannot see you, since their visuals will be limited.
  3. Always wait for the bus to stop completely before boarding or alighting from the bus. Also, be on the watch-out for incoming vehicles when coming out of a bus.
  4. Don’t cross in front of a stationary vehicle and in between stationary vehicles. Its very dangerous.
  5. When you are walking at night by the road side make sure you can be seen by other road users. Wear clothing’s that can easily be identified by motorist or cloths with reflective materials so drivers can see you even at a distance.

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