Cross the Road Safely

3 Simple Procedures to Cross the Road Safely

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One of the things all pedestrians need to learn is how to cross the road safely. Sometimes it is not the negligence of vehicle drivers that leads to road accidents, but the failure of pedestrians to learn how to cross the road safely.

It therefore behooves all pedestrians—young and old—to lean and follow the right procedures to cross the road safely. The bottom-line is that you are risking your life to road accidents if you’re fail to cross the road safely.

So here are the five simple procedures to follow to cross the road safely:

  1. Stop at the Right Place to Cross the Road

The first most important thing to consider when crossing the road is the place you cross the road. Crossing the road at highways and intersections with cars moving about is very risky. If you can, the best place to stop and cross is pedestrian refuge, pedestrian crossing and traffic sign spots.

  1. Look in all Directions

Once you have found the best place to cross the road, the next thing to do look in all directions. Look left, right and all rounds for any approaching vehicle before you proceed forward. It is also important that you look at any traffic signals before crossing.

  1. Listen in all Directions

At times you can look in all directions and not listen in all direction for any sound of approaching vehicle. So it is very important to listen in all directions. Always ensure you keep your ears alert when looking in all directions to avoid any approaching danger.

  1. Think Through Before Crossing

Once you have look through, listen through, you have to think through and analyze the signals that your sense organs have picked through watching and listening. Ask yourself if all is okay for you to cross the road now. If it’s ok, then go.

  1. Cross the Road Straightforward

Sometimes it’s not about crossing the road, but how you cross the road. You can cross the road by running, walking or jogging slightly through. It’s not advisable to run when crossing the road. But the bottom line is to always look straight and cross the road onward with all focus and concentration.

By following these simple tips to safely cross the road safely, pedestrian accidents can be reduced.

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