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3 Top Benefits of Speed Governors in Controlling Vehicle Speed

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Without controversy, speed is a critical cause of road accidents throughout the world. Even though the contribution of vehicles to the socio-economic development of countries cannot be underestimated, issues related to speeding still remains the top concern for most countries.

According to the World Health Organization, speed contributes to about 30% of road accident deaths while in low-income and middle income-countries, speed is estimated to be the main cause of half road traffic crashes. This throws a great spot light on speed management practices and technologies.

To control and manage speed in Kenya, drivers must adopt and use speed management technologies such as speed governors. The best Kenyan speed governors works efficiently in controlling and preventing over-speeding which is the leading cause of road accidents.

The following are the benefits of speed governors in controlling vehicle speed.

  1. Reduction in the Risk of Accidents

By limiting and controlling the speed range at which drivers can drive, the best Kenyan speed governor work to reduce road accidents. Excess and inappropriate is noted by WHO as the essential speed factors that causes road accidents.

By finding and installing the best Kenya speed governors, drivers can reduce the risk of road accidents; prevent road accident injuries, loss of lives and the destruction of property. This enhances safety on the road and reduces the number of road accidents in Kenya per year.

  1. Speed Governors Prevents Excess and Inappropriate Speed

According to WHO, excess speed is when a driver is exceeds the required speed limit while inappropriate speed us when driving with an excess speed. Excess speed is unsuitable for prevailing road and traffic conditions, making it prone to road accidents.

The best Kenya speed governors restrict the vehicle from exceeding the stated speed limit. That also means drivers will not be diving with inappropriate speed. This controls and enhances safety on the road as well as providing security to all road users.

  1. Speed Governors Makes it Easy to Avoid Incidents the Leads to Road Accidents

Speed governors alone do not control road accidents. But what they do is to help drivers to be assertive, alert and attentive when something shows up. This enables them to take preventive and precautionary actions which tend to avoid road accidents.

For example when a vehicle is driving at a higher speed of 50km/h, it will normally require about 13 meters for the car to stop, while a car driving at 40km/h will stop in less than 8.5 meters. That means the higher the speed, the longer it takes for drivers to stop, control and take precautionary driving actions to avoid any impending danger geared to cause road accidents.

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