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Top 3 Factors that Cause Over Speeding

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Speed is responsible for about 30% of rod accident death in high income countries, while about half of road accidents in low-income and middle-income countries are caused by speed. This put vehicle’s speed at the top base of causes of road accidents in most countries.

Even though speed is responsible for the drastic cause of most road traffic crashes, injuries and loss of lives, the spot light should rather be put on the factors that cause toad accidents. To deal with road accidents, drivers must deal with factors that cause over speeding.

Speeding is not detrimental to people unless it exceeds the required limit. When a driver’s speed exceeds the stated limit, the driver is said to be driving at an excess speed. Excess speed paves way for inappropriate speed which puts drivers and pedestrians at risk of road accidents.

But there are crucial factors that cause over speeding on Kenyan roads.

  1. Driver Related Factors

Driver related factors are the most prominent causes of over speeding on Kenyan roads. Critical factors such as age, alcohol and number of people in the vehicle contribute immensely to over-speeding which causes road accidents.

In general young people driving, drive at a higher speed than older people. This puts young people at the risk of road accidents and also the prominent reason why young people are often involved in road accidents. Alcoholism is also a key factor which influences and cause over speeding.

  1. Road and Driver Related Factors

It is sad to say that the nature of road layout, surface quality, vehicle power and maximum speed of the vehicle are the second related factors that causes over speeding according to World Health Organization. To control speed, it is imperative for drivers to use speed governors to manage speed limit.

When driver use speed governors are to manage speed limits, it prevents and restricts vehicles from moving at in appropriate speed levels. This avoids over speeding on the road while the State authorities also work diligently in fixing road layout and surface quality.

  1. Traffic and Environment Related Causes

Another major cause of over speeding is traffic density, traffic composition, prevailing speed and weather conditions. When the weather is not suitable, drivers often drive with inappropriate speed. Vehicles which do not use speed governors to manage speed go overboard and this leads to road accidents.

Traffic density and composition is also a critical factor that causes over speeding. Without the use of speed governors to manage speed limit, drivers often drive with excess speed in their quest to skip traffic density at many sections of the road. This exposes them to the risk of road accidents.

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