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Why Speed Governors are the Best Speed Management Technologies

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Speed governors have been known world-wide because of the immense contributions they make towards controlling road accident. Many countries have road safety regulations which include the installation and usage of speed governors to control vehicle speed.

Kenya has been known as one of the countries with high amount of road accidents. As reported by World Health Organization, over-speeding is the major causes of road accidents on Kenya road. About half of road accidents can be attributed to over-speeding.

While reckless driving, tailgating, drunk driving and distracted driving are also in the league of the top causes of road accidents in Kenya today, over-speeding ranks among them. That is the reason the State authorities has made it mandatory for a vehicles –both commercial and private—to install and use speed governors to improve road safety.

Over speeding is caused by exceeding the required speed limit. When a driver overspeeds, he or she drives with an excess speed which makes it difficult to concentrate and maneuver very well in the case of an impending danger. This increases the risk of road accidents.

Quality speed governors in Kenya are the best speed management technologies for controlling and regulating vehicle speed. This is the reason most countries have a regulation of ensuring that all drivers install quality speed governors that work efficiently without being tempered with.

Through the installation of quality speed governors, drivers can drive with ease and concentration. The speed governor controls the speed of the car so that the driver of the car can simply focus on controlling the driving wheel and concentrating on the driving.

Due to the immense contribution of quality speed governors in controlling speed and promoting road safety, a report by the World Health Organization emphasized, “Setting and enforcing speed limits are two of the most effective measures in reducing road traffic injuries.”

Setting and enforcing speed limits are the two key important features of quality speed governors in Kenya. Quality speed governors set the speed range of vehicles while at the same time restricting the engine system to from causing the vehicle to drive beyond the set up speed limit of the car.

Through the installation and enforcement speed governors, many countries have been able to reduce the rate of road accidents. In 2017 Kenyan Road Safety Report for instance, Kenya saw a reduction in road accidents:  As at June 2017, a total of 2,834 lost their lives in road accidents as compared to 3,150 in 2016.

This has been made possible through road safety awareness, installation enforcement of drivers to install quality speed governors in Kenya that have not been tempered with. This made speed governors the best speed management technologies.

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