Best Speed Governors in Kenya

3 Safety Benefits of Speed Governors

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Speed is an age-old risk factor that affects the safety of drivers on the road. Most countries have analyzed and realized that to reduce the rate of road accidents, there’s a need to deal with speed. And the best automated way to deal with over-speeding issues is by installing speed governors.

The role of speed governors in reducing road traffic crashes, road accident injuries and enhancing road safety cannot be underestimated. It is no wonder that the installation of speed governors in vehicles has been legalized in most countries including Kenya.

The best speed governors in Kenya contribute immensely to road safety. The best speed governors function effectively in vehicles are works efficiently to enhance the safety of drivers, passengers and vehicles.

The following are the safety benefits of speed governors.

  1. Avoid Over-Speeding By Pre-Setting Speed Limit

Over speeding is a major threat to road safety. According to the World Health Organization, excess speed is the situation where a driver exceeds the stated speed limit. This leads to inappropriate speed which entails driving at a speed unsuitable for the prevailing road and traffic conditions.

To avoid road accidents, speed governors automatically pre-set the speed limit to the required level and prevents the driver to over-speeding no matter how the drive increase his or her speed while driving. This enhances and improves road safety.

  1. Improve Driver’s Concentration and Reduces Stress

Stress is one of the key factors that cause road accidents. The situation is even worse when a driver is driving at an inappropriate speed. When a driver is driving at an inappropriate speed, it increase stress on the driver, reduces the time taken to slow down vehicle when something pops up and hence the risk of road accidents.

The best speed governors in Kenya control the speed limit of vehicles so that drivers can focus on their driving with no stress. That also means that a driver can be rest assured that he or she will not be harassed by police officers for over-speeding since the car has been pre-set to avoid over speeding.

  1. Enhances Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

To control road safety in Kenya, drivers must also manage their vehicle. A good way to do that is by installing the best speed governors in Kenya. The best speed governor control the vehicle speed and at the same time enhances the vehicle’s safety and maintenance.

Critical operational and maintenance costs of vehicles such as reduction in wear and tear of tyres, reduction in fuel consumption, reduction in repair costs of brakes, long vehicle service life and elimination of traffic fines are taken care of by installing the best speed governors in Kenya.  This enhances road safety as well as improving vehicle maintenance.

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