Electric Fences in Kenya

4 benefits of Electric Fences in Kenya

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Earlier, electric fences in Kenya were used primarily to restrict the movement of animals or wildlife in Parks-they’re still employed.

There have been improvements that saw electric fences used to secure premises and any other building.

Electric fences are not like the electrical cables that can easily kill a person; they are non-lethal electric fences, which switch on and off shortly.

Over the years, we have installed electric fences in platforms and helped in securing them. There are benefits of using electric fences to secure your buildings. Here are some of them:


  • Security of the premise


If you install an electric fence around a premise, you’re sure that it’s secure. If a premise is safe, you can have peace of mind. It is so hard for a thief to steal somewhere that has an electric fence around it.

To install a security fence, do not contact contractors who will mess up the connection between the wires and cause chaos. Contact experienced contractors who will offer excellent installation and leave you happy.


  • Easy to install


Electric fences are easy to install, you only need to hire a professional contractor to do the job for you. It’s different from the installation of barbed wire fences that take time. If you hire us, we can do the job fast and make sure we install it correctly.

You wouldn’t want sagging wires or improperly connected electric cables; this can happen if you hire a non-qualified person to do the job for you. For a proper installation, hire only experienced contractors.


  • Electric fences are versatile


You can install and use electric fences anywhere. In certain soil conditions or on uneven land, some fences cannot be suitable. With electric fences, you can use it to secure game parks and on top of buildings.

You should not, however, install an electric fence on an already existing barbed wire; this can cause chaos to both human beings and livestock.


  • Electric fences have low maintenance costs


After proper installation, you don’t have to maintain it again. An electric fence is light; it does not sag easily.

You need to ensure an expert installs the electric fence for you to avoid sagging.

When installing, you don’t require many posts; you only need a few posts that can hold the fence. Once done, no maintenance costs again.


  • It reduces costs


Electric fences can help to reduce the costs of employing security personnel. You can connect an alarm to your electric fence to alert you whenever someone tries to intrude into your premises.

With all the benefits that come with the installation of electric fences in Kenya, you would also want to have your building installed with an electric fence. You can contact us for professional and expert installation.  

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