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Steps on how to install vehicle tracking devices

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Steps on how to install vehicle tracking devices

You need to secure your vehicle. You can do this  when you install a tracking device. This device can send you location data of your car anytime you want it.

With advancement in technology, you can be able to get all these notifications in your phone. With a single click, you can monitor the position of your cars and their driving speed.

What’s a vehicle-tracking device?

It’s an electronic device, installed in your car and that uses GPS technology to send the position of your car to a connected device usually a smartphone.

Why you need to install your car with a tracking device

Apart from securing your car, when you install a tracking device can immense you to many benefits; you can manage time well when you know the position and the route your fleet is taking- when you’re running a transport company.

You can save costs because you can advise the drivers on the shortest route to take and avoid consuming much fuel. Generally, you’ll need to contact us to install your car with a tracking device.

How to install vehicle tracking devices

There’re steps to install a tracking device; You’ll get a lot of answers on the internet on how to do this. However, you need to follow these steps because we are experts in vehicle tracking device installation.

  • Find a power source

There’s a difference between a portable vehicle tracker and that, which needs power from the car to work; with the portable one, you don’t need any skills to install. You can place it on the car dashboard and begin tracking your car.

You can choose to use the car battery or install a dedicated battery to power the device. If you use a car battery, it’s going to be more complicated, and you might need to contact us to do it for you.

On the other hand, you can have a dedicated battery and your GPS device housed in a magnetic resistant case. This process is easy, and anyone can do it.

  • Installation

Once done with the making of the magnetic casing and housing your GPS device in there, you can connect the battery and ensure it works.

If the device works, you can find a suitable place in your car to place it. Find a place that few people can be able to notice the device.

  • Final testing and tracking

Once the device is powered and installed in the car, it’s time to test it if it shows the correct direction and speed.

You can drive the car a short distance to test it. After that, use the computer or your mobile phone to test the data collected and check if the data is excellent. When it’s okay, your tracking device is working.

The best thing to do is to hire an expert to do the installation and testing for you. Contact us for professional vehicle tracking services.

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