4 Things to Consider Before Buying CCTV Cameras in Kenya

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Before making that move of purchasing CCTV cameras in Kenya to install in your premise, you need to know a few things. You don’t need to waste money buying something that later forces you to either re-purchase or re-install it.

You can install CCTV cameras in buildings to secure them against theft and other criminal activities. You need to hire us to do the task for you. We are experienced and reliable in installing CCTV cameras in shopping malls and other premises.

Here’re some of the things you can consider before buying CCTV cameras in Kenya:

  • Is it both audio and video?

You need to know whether you want a CCTV camera that captures video footage of activities or both video and audio.  If you want one that can only capture video footage, you can purchase it.

You can also go for the best alternative of going for one that can record both audio and video. We can help you select the best according to your needs or choose to combine.

  • Storage size

Storage is something that most people overlook. You’ll only realize that it’s crucial when the footage you wanted it captured is not there. The reason is that the storage of your camera is small.

To make work easy, go for cameras with ample storage. We provide CCTV cameras of variable storage capacities. You only need to come to us with the idea of wanting CCTV camera installation, and we are set to give you the best.

  • Ease of installation

Some CCTV cameras are complex in installation. Damaging one camera would be hard to repair it or to replace. Wireless CCTV cameras are easy to install because they don’t require cables.

The hard part in CCTV cameras installation is the positioning and mounting. Some cameras come with magnetic tape to make it easy to attach them to a metallic wall.

In either, depending on your budget, You need to buy CCTV cameras that are easy to install, to ensure they don’t become a problem when you want to repair it.

  • Space to be monitored and image quality

Before purchasing a CCTV camera in Kenya, you need to ensure you know the size of the space to monitor. A large space will require you to have a CCTV camera with a more curved lens to cover a wide area.

The image quality also matters. You need a CCTV camera with an image quality of 1mp or more; this should ensure that you’re able to capture details of people including their faces.

Eureka Technical Services Limited is a company that specializes in security and road safety measures. We install CCTV cameras in premises to improve security.

For CCTV cameras installation in Kenya, don’t fail to conduct us.

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