4 Simple Steps to Install Your Vehicle Tracking Device

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Vehicle tracking devices are great protective devices that help to track your vehicle. It helps to know the state and the where about of your car. After you have bought your vehicle tracking devices, the next is to install it.

Here is how to install your vehicle tracking devices.

  1. One must connect the supply lines of the tracking device to vehicle battery.

  2. Connect the ignition wire of the device to the second ignition of the car.

  3. Now place the device in such a way that if is not covered by a metal surface. In many at times the place under the under the dash board is perfect. This is because, dash board being made of fiber does not block them signal like metal.

  4. On the board antenna or external antenna should be facing the sky. Every GPS tracking device will have its own way of being appropriately installed on a car.

This appropriately method has to do with positioning of the antenna, power supply and the others.

An additional lesson has to do with if you also want to collect car engine performance data along with the location. Depending on your objectives of installing the GPS tracking device, you may want to note all to the following carefully;

  • Are you trying to collect the engine performance data as well along with location of the car?
  • Are you installing the tracking device to protect the car from theft?
  • Are you trying to track the vehicle without the knowledge of driver lower?
  • Try to install the device so that the GPS antenna will be in full view of the sky and that no metal is yielding it or you want getting proper GPS signal.

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