Top 10 Road Safety Management Practices

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The road is used by everyone regardless of one’s educational background status, sex, creed or religion. It is the wish of every road user to reach his/her destination safely. Sometimes some do not reach their destination safely due to accidents.

Here are top 10 road safety management practices to follow to prevent road accident.

#1: Knowing the Basic Techniques and Rules of the Roads

A basic and necessary routine to follow when abut to move. Slow down, stop, change the course or direction of a motor vehicle is mirror, signal, and manoeuvre. The routine is abbreviated as MSM. Look into the mirror regularly so that you can make safe decision.

#2: Reading the Road

The road system gives road user a lot of information motorists come across bends, hills, road signs, road markings, rail level, crossings and pedestrian crossing. We read the road in order to; observe the changing nature of traffic on the road, identify early the changes in the road system and the environment. Make sure that you are not taken by surprise.

#3: Road Manners

The safety on the road depends very much on the mutual of respect road users, especially drivers accord with each other. Good road manners ensure orderly flow of traffic on the road prevention of road accident. Examples of bad road manners are double parking, wrong signal and sudden stopping.

#4: Sharing the Road Well

Each time you are out on the road driving, you share the road with pedestrians, motor and pedal cyclists, motorists, animals and cart pushers.

  • As a river, it is important to ask the following;
  • Is the vehicle ahead about to turn?
  • Is the pedestrian going to cross the road?
  • Is the driver behind going to overtake me?

#5: Management of Space

Space management is very important to all users of the road particularly motorists. Space is needed between your vehicle and the next.

Why Maintain Space Ahead of You

  • To avoid running into the rear of the vehicle ahead if it stips suddenly.
  • To enable you observe the road ahead,
  • Space ahead you time to observe, time to observe, think, act and react.

#6: Drive in Your Lane

A lane is the divided portion of the road that traffic travels on in either direction purposes of lanes;

  • It receives traffic and re-distributes it.
  • It separates traffic, particularly in a single carriage way so that traffic is able to flow in either direction.
  • The lanes in a dead or multiple carriage way, allowing more than one traffic stream to flow in one direction.

#7: Keeping Watch of Hazards

A hazard is any situation on the road that requires a motorist or pedal cyclist to change speed or direction.

Why Look For Hazards?

  • To enable you identify every what the other road user is about to do.
  • To enable you avoid an accident.

#8: Obey the Rules of Turning

In the course of using the road, a time will arise when a driver, motor or pedal cyclist will need to make a turn. Signal at least 30 meters before the turn. Reduce our speed. Look out for traffic on all sides.

#9: Following the Right of Way Rules: the right of way simply means a situation where motorist A gives chance to motorist B to use the road.

Situations for giving right of way:

  • When you are being overtaken.
  • When blind people, the visually impaired and physically challenged are about to cross the road.
  • When approaching a roundabout.
  • When emergency vehicle namely fire services, police or ambulance vehicles are blaring sirens and flashing lights.

#10: Handling Overtaking Rightly

Overtaking of another vehicle on the road is allowed by the toad traffic regulations but the manner in which this should be done has been specified out. Generally, you may overtake on the left. Circumstances where you may overtake on the right :

  • If you intend to turn right at a junction.
  • In a one-way street with multiples lanes with traffic travelling in the same direction.
  • When the vehicle ahead indicates that it is turning to the left and there is sufficient space on the right.

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