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4 Tips for Bicycle Riders to be Careful with Trucks in Kenya

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The goal of Eureka Technical Services Ltd is promote and ensure road safety in Kenya, Africa and across the world. This commitment has made us to stay focus on educating people about many issues related to road safety. Another key area for road safety is bicycle riders dealing with trucks in Kenya.

Cycling is great way to exercise yourself and also travel short distances to commute. It is one of the easy ways to explore your community and other parts. But you need to be extra careful and make sure you take caution riding and driving on the road. Cycling pass trucks should not be taken lightly, you can jeopardize your life through your carelessness.

So here are four tips to help bicycle riders dealing with trucks in Kenya.

  1. Always remember that trucks have a blind spot and may not see you.

This is the fundamental way of mental positioning that all cyclist must have. Trucks are heavy vehicles and the driver may not see you as compared to other smaller vehicles. So you need to be extra careful as a bicycle rider dealing with trucks in Kenya. If you riding too close to a truck, you should take caution!

  1. Always follow road safety rules ride with care

Careless is one of the major cause of road accidents involving people. Careless driving either from drivers or road users results in road accidents and injuries. But you need to understand that to maintain and ensure safety while riding with a truck, you must ride with care and follow the rules.

Don’t try to over speed the truck or ride in front of them if you realize that the truck is moving slowly. Your carelessness can cost you injury if the truck tends to run into you when the driver changes speed.

  1. Don’t overtake a truck when you see a truck turning

A key concern to always watch is moving by truck when it is turning. If you see a truck turning, it should not give you the license to ride pass the truck. Trucks need a lot of space when they are turning, so you should take caution when moving around trucks when they are turning.

  1. Always make eye contact communications at intersections so they see you

Intersections are the frequent bedrock for road accidents. So it is very important for you to ensure that you communicate your presence to truck drivers at the intersections. Never take things for granted. Always ensure that you make eye contact with the truck driver as you are cycling through the intersections to make sure you are seen.

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