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4 Tips for Motorcycle Riders to be Extra Careful with Trucks in Kenya

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For most people in Kenya, motorcycles are the fastest way to go. Motorcycles helps to navigate through moving cars along the lanes, dodge traffic lights and get to your destination faster. But you need to careful as a motorcycle rider dealing with trucks on the road in Kenya.

A motorcycle dealing with trucks on the road must be extra careful. Trucks are not like other vehicles, so you have to careful when riding your motorcycle around them in Kenya. When riding near trucks, there are some few safety tips that you must adhere to in order to avoid road accidents.

The following are helpful tips you should consider.

  1. Always remember that trucks have blind spots and may not see you

This is very important to avoid road accidents. If you keep thinking that the truck driver is seeing you, there will be trouble. In most cases, the truck driver is looking for you, so you should take caution and always take extra care when riding near a moving truck on the road so that you can avoid road accidents involving trucks.

  1. Avoid filtering the lane with trucks

The convenience of motorcycles simply makes many motorcyclist to simply ride pass and filter lanes with smaller cars. While you may easily filter the lanes with smaller vehicles, you should not do this in the case of trucks. Trucks often move slowly and may not stop quickly if something bad happens and they need to stop suddenly to avoid road traffic crashes. So avoid filtering lanes with trucks.

  1. Always Take Care When Changing Lanes With Trucks

Changing lanes with trucks should be done carefully. You should always take caution when changing lanes with trucks. Trucks with trailers attached are longer than the normal vehicles and care must be taken when you are changing lanes with them so that you don’t hit off the back of the trailer, resulting in road accidents. A motorcycle dealing with trucks on the road should be extra careful.

  1. Avoid trying to overtake a truck when it is turning

One of the mistakes most motorcyclist makes when moving along the road is overtaking the truck when they are turning. They want to overtake a truck while it is turning, simply because the truck is turning slowly than the average car. You should however keep in mind that trucks may take more than one lane when turning. Therefore, you should take care when overtaking a moving truck so that you don’t hit the back of the truck.

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