Driving While Drowsy

5 Ways to Avoid Driving While Drowsy

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Driving while drowsy is one the causes of road accidents. Many people as result the driving wither feeling drowsy or just fell asleep while driving. Driving is very serious activity. If fail to observe the safety regulations and remarks, you will just be buying your own ticket to fatal injuries and death. One of the areas of great concern is driving while drowsy.

If you’re tired don’t drive. If you drive tired, drowsy you veer off the road by tailgating and getting out if the lane. This can lead to fatal road accidents. So you must always be on your guard and keep yourself from driving while drowsy. The following entails some keys to prevent and avoid driving while drowsy and tired.

  1. Take a short nap before getting on the road

The driving nap is one of the best ways you can avoid driving while drowsy. Keep watch over yourself. You can simply take a short night’s sleep to relax, rest and calm down yourself. This will even enable you to get fresh and concentrate while driving.

  1. Take a mid-drive nap when you when you find yourself driving while drowsy

The antidote to driving while drowsy is to take a short nap when you notice that you are feeling drowsy. It is better to save your life and other passengers than to drive while drowsy and plunge yourself in fatal road accidents.

  1. Drive with a buddy driver on long trips

It is always good to take a buddy driver along when you are going on long trips. You are most likely to be driving while drowsy on long trips, but when you have a buddy driver, he or she can simply take over so that you can have a rest and continue. This will ensure safety on the road.

  1. Avoid driving between midnight and 6.am

The body is likely to feel drowsy and get to sleep within midnight to 6.am. The body’s biological rhythm makes driving while drowsy easy at these times. So if you can avoid driving around these times.

  1. Drink Caffeine

Caffeine is very important in helping you stay alert. It boosts your energy and keeps you in control. You should just remember that the effects of the caffeine will wear off for at least 12 hours of intake. But avoid drinking alcohol and any other hard drugs.

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