Overspeeding on the road

4 Ways to Curb Over Speeding on the Road

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.25 million people die globally every year through road accidents. There are many causes of road accidents, the chief among them is over speeding on the road.

In Kenya, according to the National Road Safety Commission, over speeding on the road accounts for over 60% of road accidents cases per the national statistics.

This really calls for concern because it has a lot of effects on the nation. So what measures can be put in place to control over speeding on the road. Here are four ways to curb over speeding on the road.

The first Major important way to curb road accident is by using road bumps: The use of speed bumps on roads is a good way of curbing over speeding on the road. This is especially good for areas and locations such as residential areas, and areas where there are lots children.

Another important way to curb road accident too is by using speed limit sign post on roads and enforce laws: It is a common practice in Africa. Every body assumes the laws don’t work. If over speeding on the road is going to be curbed, speed limits should be placed on signed posts in areas so drivers can have knowledge and abide by them. Laws on speed limit has to be enforced as well by the authorities.

Also, drivers who over speed on the road should be fined and penalized. High fines and prison sentences will deter other drivers from over speeding on the road.

Finally, education and raising awareness can help curb speeding on the road. Another way of curbing over speeding on the road is through intensive education and awareness to all road users. Road users, drivers especially have to be made aware of the dangers and effects over speeding on the road has on the nation and lives of people.

They also have to be made aware to act responsible whiles on the road.

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