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Top 10 Over Speeding Quotes for All Drivers

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Over speeding has become a canker on our roads off late. Road users ignore speed limits on roads and highways and over speed without any caution. According to statistics by the National Road Safety Commission of Kenya, over speeding is the number one cause of road accidents in the country.

Over speeding can lead to road accidents, and road accidents can lead to serious injuries and sometimes loss of lives. This tends to have many effects on the nation and on the lives of people and families as well.

People who get seriously injured cannot work again and may lose their source of livelihood for themselves and their families. Sometimes they never recover and become bedridden or confined to a wheel chair for ever.

In most of the accident cases, bread winners of the family fall victim of road accidents and lives are lost in such unfortunate incidents. Speeding kills, as a driver before you think of over speeding on the road, you may want to think twice. Here are top ten over speeding quotes for drivers.

  1. If you want the value of a second, ask the person who just crossed the road at the wrong time and barely escaped being hit by a speeding car – Sunday Adeleja.
  2. Drive like your kids’ lives here.
  3. You can’t go home unless you are safe.
  4. Safe driving saves life.
  5. Life has no reset buttons, drive safe. Speed thrills but kills.
  6. If you know you were driving to your death, would you still drive.
  7. Drive like hell and you will be there.
  8. Donate bloods, but not on roads – Amit Kumar Joshi.
  9. Speed has five Letter so has death, safe has four letters, so has life.
  10. Slow down, your family will be waiting for you.

Hope you enjoy the over speeding quotes? Which of the over speeding quotes rings well with you?

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