5 Road Safety Measures for Drivers When It’s Raining

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You are driving on the highway and it starts to rain all of a sudden. What do you do and how do you continue stay safe on the road when you are driving and it starts to rain? We are in the minor raining season and this is likely to be the occurrences for the next few months, rains whiles you are driving.

A lot of lives have been lost on the roads because of rainfalls and bad weather. According to the National Road Safety Commission, rainfall and bad weather has been a major cause of road accidents in Ghana. Driving when it is raining, is different from driving in a dry weather or environment.

It is still possible for all road users especially drivers to stay safe on the road whiles it is raining. So, how do drivers continue to stay safe on the road when they are driving and it is raining at the same time. Here are five road safety measures for drivers when it is raining.

  1. Take your time and reduce your speed. Driving faster on the road when it is raining can cause accidents.
  2. Turn your lights on even in broad daylight so other cars can see you.
  3. Give other cars more space.
  4. Do not use cruise control. Cruise control in dry conditions keeps your car at a constant speed. In wet conditions, cruise control cannot tell if you have lost traction with the road and can continue to accelerate even when your car slides of the road.
  5. Never attempt to drive through a flood or running waters. You can get carried away in flood waters. If possible park the car at a safe place and wait for the rains to stop before you continue driving or use another route if there is.

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