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5 Things to Check Up on Your Car Before You Drive

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Whether you are going to be driving on a long journey or it is just short normal drive to work, we care a lot about your safety. There are so many unforeseen incidents we want you want to avoid us you drive. Fuel shortage, flat tyre, engine failure etc. are some things you can avoid on the road especially when you do a good check up on your car before you drive.

It is good you do a good check up on your car every time before you drive. Not doing these checks on your car before you drive can cause you delays, problems and sometimes accidents. It is therefore very important to always do a check up on your car before you drive. Here are five things to check up on your car before you drive.


  • Check the fuel and fluids levels.


Check all the fluids in your car before driving off to make sure it is enough, not leaking and can last you the whole trip. Fuel, engine oil, water, and other fluids have to be checked and topped up if necessary. It is very important since they help keep the car in a good and healthy condition.


  • Check to make sure the tyre is in good condition.  


Check to make sure your tyre has the correct air pressure, there is no tyre wear, correct wheel alignment and you have a spare tyre and it is also in good condition.

  1. Check the Lights and Signals

Before you drive, check all your lights and signals to be sure they are working and in good condition, especially when you are driving at night.


  • Car Emergency Equipment


How important is it to carry an emergency equipment in your car? you don’t want to be in such situations before you find out. Spare tyre, car jack and fire extinguishers etc. make sure you have all these in your car and are also in healthy condition before drive.


  • Check you Brakes, Steering and Suspensions


You should check your brakes, steering and suspensions and make sure they are working perfectly and in good conditions.

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