3 Ways to Prevent Over Speeding of Your Car Engine

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Over speeding is a condition in which an engine produces speed greater than its design speed. This happens in the engines of automobiles, jet planes, motorcycles and other engines. When the engine of your car is allowed to over speed, it has a lot of negative consequences and effects on the car’s engine.

The effects may vary from engine to engine, depending on the engine type, model, duration of the over speed and the speed attained. The effects are that, the life span of the engine can be greatly reduced or could cause permanent damage to the engine. So as a car owner, it is important to prevent over speeding in your car engine.

Over speeding can occur in your car engine when you drop down 1 or 2 gears at highways speed.  So how can you prevent over speeding in your car engine? Here are three ways to prevent over speeding in your car engine:

  1. To prevent over speeding in your car, fit your car engine with a regulator or a governor to make engine over speed impossible or reduce the possibility.
  2. If your car is the large diesel engine type, you can fit a secondary protection device that will actuate if the governor fails. This consist of a flap valve in the air intake. Should the engine over speed the flow of air through the intake will rise to an abnormal level. This will cause the flap valves to snap shut, starving the engine of air and shutting the engine down.
  3. Also, all modern vehicles are fitted with an electronic rev limiter device that cuts fuel supply or causes sparks to the engine, which in turn prevents over speed in the engine.

Prevent over speeding in your car engines by using the above mentioned tips.  

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