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5 roles of the public regarding road accidents in Kenya

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Approximately 3,000 road accidents occur every year on our Kenyan roads. To curb this menace, the public has to play a role.

The public suffers most when they fail to report anything that can deter the government efforts to reduce cases of road accidents. One single disobedience of road safety rules and regulations can cause the death of many.

If every person takes safety precautions, then cases of accidents in Kenya on our roads can reduce significantly.

Here’s what you, as a passenger needs to do:

  • Ensure you wear a safety belt

The government enforced this regulation very seriously in the recent two months. Many passengers were caught and fined heavily for not wearing safety belts.

It’s not encouraging that some passengers fail to observe traffic regulations. In as much as we want the cases of road accidents in Kenya to reduce, you as a passenger ought to take the front line in ensuring you observe road safety rules and regulations.

After settling in the vehicle, you need to ensure you wear a safety belt properly.

  • Reporting corrupt police officers

We experience this every day. Few people fear to report this act and end up experiencing accidents. It’s a noble thing to report anything that can threaten your life to relevant authorities.

Over the recent past, the government has been striving to curb corruption. You as a passenger can help the government by reporting corrupt police officers to DCI offices.

  • Report careless drivers

On most public matatus, you may have seen a notice by NTSA that in case you feel that the driver is over speeding the car, you can report them by using the numbers provided.

If drivers know someone can report them, they become responsible when driving. They can’t overtake other vehicles carelessly and avoid driving fast around bends to avoid a collision.

If you happen to experience a careless driver, don’t wait for an accident to occur. You can make the hay while the sun shines and save lives.

  • Avoid things that can distract the driver

Some passengers like to disrupt the driver. You can find out that a passenger is talking to a driver when they are driving. Speaking to a driver can cause them to lose focus and cause an accident.

You as a passenger ought to minimize disturbances to the driver. By doing this, you can make them concentrate on the road and drive safely.

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