Speed management tips for December

5 Speed Management Tips for December & the X’Mas Season

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Speeding is the number one road safety problem in every country. It is responsible for around one third of the current, unacceptably high levels of road fatalities. Hence the need for speed management.

Speed management tips or techniques aimed at persuading drivers to adopt safe speed include: Police Enforcement, Driver Education, Speed Limits and Engineering treatments.

Police Enforcement

The Police service is the main law enforcement agency in every country. There should be an enforcement of road traffic laws by the police through spot fines, and also they should partner with private towing companies to vigorously enforce regulations.

Driver Education

Another speed management tip that should be considered in December is driver education. Drivers should be educated to inflate their tires appropriately, and change them when they are worn, use headlights wisely, maintain their vehicles, respond safely to tailgaters and also keep a steady pace.

Speed Limits

Road safety limits are used in most countries to set the maximum speed at which road vehicles may legally travel on particular stretches of road. Why speed limits? Speed limits does two things. The first is to enhance safety by reducing risks imposed by drivers speed choices. The second is to reduce disparities in speed and reduce the potential for vehicle conflict.

Engineering Treatments

These include speed humps and raised platforms, gateway treatments, roundabouts, pavement narrowing and treatment at curves and speed limits reviews. Where pedestrians are more, the government should set enough speed humps which can be effective in slowing drivers.

Speed Management tips for December may help in the following:

  • Saves lives and prevent injuries
  • Reduce the seriousness of all crashes.
  • Reduce the likelihood of many crash types occurring
  • Improve safety for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improves fuel consumption, lower greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic noise (Driver Education).

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