5 Tips for Your Car Windscreen Maintenance

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Road safety cannot be taken causally. Each year, 1.25 million die through road accidents. The causes are from myriad of areas—which may come through the driver, vehicle, road or the environment. The windscreen of a car is the microscope of the driver to see and watch the road clearly.

But it is rather unfortunate that many drivers don’t take windscreen maintenance seriously. They take their car to the mechanic for periodic car checkup but they neglect their windscreen maintenance.

The windscreen is actually what protects both drivers and pedestrians from incoming wind, road particles, rain and many others. It provides visibility to the driver to see the road from long distance so that the driver can driver well and get to the required destination.

Here are 5 windscreen maintenance tips you must observe.

  1. Periodically check on windscreen for cracks.

It is a prudent habit to periodically check your screen and ensure there are no cracks. Small cracks may occasionally develop in your windscreen which can have a disastrous impact on the windscreen. Check your auto mechanic to fix things up as you observed these small things.

  1. Clean your windscreen regularly.

Windscreen maintenance entails regularly cleaning your windscreen to remove dirt that may scrip in and slow down your visibility while driving. As a good practice, clean your mirror and windscreen each morning before your set off on the road to work.

  1. Clean the interior & exterior section of your windscreen.

Most drivers just clean the outside leaving the inside. You have to clean both the interior and exteriors of your windscreen. Make it clean. Make it tidy.

  1. Use Glass Spray cleaner and a clean cloth to remove dirt at corners.

The corners of your windscreen are notable in attracting and harboring dirt. So when cleaning your windscreen, use a glass spray cleaner to spray the interior and exteriors of your windscreen, then us your clean cloth to clean off all the dirt. Remove all the dirt at the edges and corners.

  1. Use Vinegar to remove dirt sticks and make the screen clear.

Vinegar is very good in windscreen maintenance. It helps to make your windscreen sparklingly clean. So just pour a little vinegar on a clean microfiber cloth and use it to wipe all sections of the screen. Just do it gently and then leave for a while.

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