5 Top Dangers of Hard Braking

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Do you hard brake?

Then you are exposing yourself, vehicle and passengers into danger. Hard braking is a sharp and harsh way of braking in the face of adversity when driving which can lead to many consequences. It has potential effects on the vehicle as well as the people in the vehicle.

It is therefore important to take an overview of the dangers of hard braking and desist from it. Well, below are 5 dangers of hard braking that you should know:

  1. Hard Braking Causes the Brake Pads to Wear Up Faster

One of the things that wear up the brake pads is hard braking. Hard braking wears up the brake pads very quicker. And if the brake pads have not been replaced or repaired, it can slow down braking and potentially lead to brake failure.

  1. Hard Braking Can Overheat and Damage the Rotors

The braking system s uses calipers to squeeze the pairs of pads against the rotors to create friction. This retards the rotation of the shaft—vehicle axle—making the car to stop. Hard braking has a tendency of overheating or damaging the rotors which can lead to brake failure.

  1. Hard Braking Increase your Maintenance Expenses

As hard braking wears down the brake pads, it causes you to spend more to repair or preplace them more often. These increase your maintenance expenses and cost you much more money than you have budgeted for. If you vehicle is not a race car whose brakes and tires are changed very often because of hard braking, then there’s no need to engage in it.

  1. Hard Braking Increases Fuel Usage

Hard braking does not only wear off the brake pads, it causes an increase in fuel usage. That means you are more likely to spend more on the use of fuel. This increases your fuel expenses.

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