5 Top Causes of Hard Braking

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Brake failure is noted as one of the major causes of road accidents.

When a vehicle fails its brake, it takes more than just driving skills to stabilize the vehicle. But sometimes, it’s not about the brake failure but what occasionally causes the brake failure—hard braking!

Hard braking is one of the major causes of car crashes. When you hard brake, it affects the brake system, engine system and the tires. You are likely to spend more on tires when you frequently engage in hard braking. Whatever be the case, the bottom line is to avoid doing things that causes of hard braking.

The following are some of the causes of hard braking:

  1. Tailgating

And it happens as a result of the driver and tailgating. It is advisable to leave enough space between the car in front of you so do not risk crashing on with the car in front of you. A four seconds distance or a car length distance when a car is moving too closely to the next driver, there is a tendency to engage in hard braking when the car in front occasionally stops or slows down.

  1. Over Speeding

Moving too fast—overspending—can also result in hard braking. When you are on moving at a high speed, you lose restraint to control the vehicle when the something happens. You are likely to hard brake to avoid crashes.

  1. Driver Misjudgments

Driver misjudgments are what happen when one driver miscalculates the driving maneuver of another vehicle. When one drive misjudges the intentions of the other driver as a result of wrong indicators, it leads to hard braking. For example, the car in front of you immediately stops, while you did not know, you are likely to hard brake and cause problems.

  1. Failure to Install Speed Governors

Speed governors are known to help limit and control vehicle speed. So it is very important to install speed governors to you vehicle so it can control your speed limit to avoid over speeding and hard braking. Speed governors control your speed, so you don’t over speed and end hard braking in the process.

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