Braking Like a Pro

Avoid Hard Braking: How to Brake Like a Pro

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Braking is a very important skill in driving. And if you don’t brake well, you can expose yourself to road traffic crashes, brake failures, brake disc damages, increase fuel costs, increase maintenance and cause vehicle imbalance.

It is therefore to learn how to brake like a pro. By developing your braking skills and techniques on daily basis as you step by the steering wheel of your car, you can hone your driving skills and eventually brake well. The following are 4 tips to avoid hard braking and also brake like a pro.

  1. Ensure your Legs are Closer to the Brake Pads

Aggressive braking is the act of hitting your legs on the brake pads suddenly. Sometimes this happens because your legs are not very close to the brake pads. So it is very important to position your brake pads at the right place closer to your brake pads—so you can gently apply the brakes when you have to. This is how to brake like a pro!

  1. Start Braking Early Before You Need To

Once your legs are positioned closer to the brake pads, the next thing to do is to always estimate the length ahead of you and start braking early before you have to. For example, when approaching a stopped vehicle or an obstacle at about 200feet ahead of you, start braking gently before you get close and also reduce your speed limits as well.

  1. Gently Apply Pressure & Gently Release the Pressure of the Brake Pad

What is the right way to brake? Gently release pressure on the brake while transiting to the accelerator and again gently apply pressure on the brake, little by little to stop the car or slow motion. Aggressive braking leads to hard braking and causes a lot of issues to your vehicle—if you do that often!

  1. Always Ensure You Notify Other Drivers through your Brake Lights

It is very important to notify other vehicle drivers of you ahead and behind of you about your driving intentions. Other drivers want to know that you are braking, so that they can adjust their driving so that it may not end up in side and rear end collisions. To avoid colliding with other vehicles, it is very important to notify your driving intentions through your brake lights.

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