5 Top Injuries Sustained through Intersection Accidents

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Whether you like it not intersection accidents have been noted to be causing about 40% of road traffic collision according to the U.S Department of transportation. And the main cause of these intersection accidents are driver error—stemming from careless, reckless and inattentiveness—on the part of the driver.

The sad issue about these accidents is that other road becomes victims of the reckless or careless of the driver. A driver who fails to pay attention to all necessary precautions while turning left, turning right and moving across the intersections of multiple roads exposes road users such as passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists into suffering certain injuries.

It has been noted that majority of intersection accidents are side impact collisions. That means the sides one vehicle collides with the other vehicle, exposing passengers, pedestrians, motorists and bicyclists into serious injuries.

There are several injuries sustained through intersection accidents. Some of these injuries results in death while some make the victims disabilities. Since majority of injuries sustained through intersection accidents are caused by side impact collisions, here are what the victims normally suffer:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury

It is the injury sustained as a result of an external force on the brain. It can lead to disability or death. It I another impairs the brain and makes a person’s interaction with another person confusing. If not threated early, it can lead to death.

  1. Neck Injury

Neck injury is one those common injuries sustained through intersection accidents which causes certain bones, ligaments, muscles and bones in the neck to be disrupted. It can lead to severe discomfort and affect professional life.

  1. Spine and Back Injuries

Spine and back injuries are very severe and could make a person unable to walk and even paralyzed. Many passengers who go through severe spine and back injuries become paralyzed and find their way into the wheel chair.

  1. Fractures/Broken Bones

You can risk breaking your bones through intersection accidents. You may injure yourself through multiple fractures which may cost several medical expenses and loss in productive work.

  1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries and those that comes as a result of cuts, bruises, tears and sprains in the blood vessels leading to many complications in blood flow.

The key is to always stay vigilant and ensure that you adhere to road safety regulations. This will help to avoid these common injuries sustained through intersection accidents.

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