What are Intersection Accidents

What are Intersection Accidents?

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The alarming rate of accidents and the rate which people die each year call for concern. It calls for the concern of analyzing our road, road users, road regulations and road signs to ensure that the right things are done for safety on the road.

The facts about intersection accidents are really mind blowing!

According to the U.S Department of Transportation, about 43% of motor vehicle crashes occur at the intersections or at “intersection-related.” The N.C Department of Transportation (NCDOT) noted that more than 94, 800 car accidents occur at intersections at the United States in 2011 alone.

How much more the developing countries which sees high levels of road accidents! Many accidents from developing countries stem from failure to stay vigilant when driving, riding and walking through the intersections.

Intersection accidents take place normally takes place at the convergence of roads where there are multiple traffic lights directing drivers to each road.

Due to bad driving decision and all others some other drivers veer into roads they ought not to pass leading to intersection accidents. When these intersection accidents take place, they end many drivers, pedestrians, bicyclist and motorists at the hospital, draining productivity time!

At the intersection of vehicles lies a volume of traffic lights.

Sometimes failure of the traffic lights to work is the major cause of the road accident. But in the case where the traffic lights are working, there is a need for all drivers, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians to pay close attention during maneuver.

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