5 Ways of Improving Road Safety in Kenya

5 Ways of Improving Road Safety in Kenya

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Road Safety is a serious issue.

To reduce the rate of road accidents on Kenyan roads, all stakeholders must peep their nose and be concerned about improving road safety. With an average of 3,000 people losing their lives and getting injured through road safety in Kenya, everybody must be safety conscious.

Improving road safety in Kenya and reducing road accidents is a collective responsibility from the government, state agencies, motorcyclists, cyclist, pedestrians and owners of domestic animal grazers. If all the key accountabilities play their roles very well, improving road safety in Kenya will be very easy.

In the meantime, here are 5 ways to improving road safety in Kenya.

  1. Improving Roads By the State Authorities

Without controversy, potholes and crashes on the road are just were death traps. These road networks that have terrible issues which are still left unmaintained is simply a negligence which will culminate in road accidents. The National Transport & Safety Authority is supposed to check on the roads and improve its quality to ensure safety.

  1. Drivers Must Stick to Road Safety Regulations

Irresponsible attitudes and behaviors of drivers is another cause of road accidents. Some of these irresponsible behaviors entail reckless driving, drunk driving and over speeding. All these reckless behaviour leads to road accidents. In improving road safety in Kenya that must be very serious road safety awareness as well drivers using the required speed governors to control vehicle speed limits.

  1. Good Maintenance of Vehicles

It’s really amazing how some drivers drive vehicles they know that are not in good shape on the road. Driving vehicles which are not road worthy is one of the fastest ways to dig your death grave. Vehicles that have issues with the clutch, brake, fuel and engine systems are road accidents death plots.

  1. Avoiding Bribes And Enforcing the Law

Improving road safety in Kenya calls for strict enforcement of the law with no remorse! But it is amazing how some police offers and NTSA officers take bribes to let go vehicles with defects and accident prone issues to pass by just to feed their selfish desires. All these greedy and selfish officials must be ridden off the system in order to improve road safety in Kenya.

  1. Pedestrians Crossing At the Right Places

Pedestrians are required to cross the road at the designated areas. Crossing the road on the highway without checking very well is a recipe for disaster. It is very important for pedestrians to double check the road and incoming vehicles very before crossing as well as using the rumble strips for crossing.

By following the above, we can improve road safety in Kenya and reduce the rate of road accidents.

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