6 Vehicle Maintenance Tips Every Driver Must Know

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Vehicle maintenance is essential for keeping it on the road. For those who don’t spend a lot of time under the hood, vehicle maintenance can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Our vehicle maintenance can help keep our car running in peak condition even if you are new to the garage.

  1. Plenty of Tread Means Plenty Of Remaining Tire Life.

Here is the truth: Many are surprised that tires can reach the end of their lives without having gone far or done much work. Some manufacturers recommend replacing tires every five or six years, regardless of tread depth.

A tire that has been on a car seven or eight years is much like a 65 years old human; No matter how fit and healthy he looks, he shouldn’t play football against 19 year olds. If its 105 degrees outside, a simple stroll can be deadly to both out-of-shape older people and poorly maintained old tires.

  1. Battery Maintenance.

Unlike many toys, vehicle actually comes with a battery. But that battery will not keep on working without some diligence on your part. If your battery is an older type that is not sealed, it is important to make sure the water level is adequate.

Again, visually check the car battery terminals. Before cleaning the connections or removing the battery, disconnect the negative terminal first whenever you disconnect the battery cables from the terminals.

  1. Oil is The Life Blood of The Engine in your Car or Truck.

But as the oil circulate through the engine; it picks up any number of contaminants (dirt). That dirt can obviously damage your engine. And over time, that dirt can ring the engine to its death.

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  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring.

It can be tough to tell if the air in a tire is too low or two high just by looking at it. Underinflated tires can take a toll on your wallet and your safety by affecting your gas mileage and shortening tire life due to uneven wear.

Even more importantly, under-inflation can stress a tire to the point of failure, putting you in jeopardy of having a blowout on the road.

  1. Radiator Flush.

You car’s radiator and cooling system need to be clean to work efficiently and effectively. With normal wear and tear, your car’s radiator builds up deposits that can disrupt the cooling system.

  1. Brake Pads.

You will need to replace most brake pads around every 20,000 or more miles. If one consistently does a lot of ‘stop-and-go’ driving, you will need to replace them more frequently.

What’s on your mind. Do you have any other vehicle maintenance tip? Share below.

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