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All About Anti-Siphon Fuel Devices in Kenya

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Has your fuel ever been stolen by thieves during the night when you park your vehicle in a non-secure place?

It happens mostly to long-distance drivers, who have to stop over in the middle of the journey to get supplies.
With the recent increase in fuel prices in Kenya, it has seen a rise in fuel theft. Thieves target large vehicles that have large fuel tanks.

It will take only a few minutes, and your hard-earned money is drained.

To curb this vice of thieves stealing your fuel, you need an anti-siphon fuel device in Kenya. This device helps to eradicate the act. Some vehicle owners still can’t purchase the equipment. However, you need to calculate how it can save you in the end if thieves steal your fuel and leave an empty fuel tank.

How an anti-siphon device works

Anti-siphon fuel devices in Kenya come in a variety of shapes and sizes according to the vehicles and the brand that manufactures it.

However, they do have one working mechanism. The main aim of making it is to prevent fuel theft: Hence, no matter the brand or size, its primary objective is to cut off the act of stealing fuel from a vehicle.

Here’s how it works:

The anti-siphon fuel device in Kenya acts as a stopper for fuel thieves. Once it’s is installed at the top of the fuel tank, it can be a daunting task to open it again, thus keeping thieves away.

How to determine the anti-siphon device to use

How can it feel if you buy something that you can’t benefit from it? It’s always advisable that you get an anti-siphon device from reputable sellers and distributors.

So, you are in the dealer’s shop, and you do not know which anti-siphon device to choose? Don’t worry.

What you need to do is this:

• Measure the inside diameter of fuel tank filler neck and note it down somewhere

• Measure the length of the fuel tank filler neck and note it down somewhere.

Once you do that, you can note it down somewhere. Give that to the dealer to give you the device that fits your fuel tank. Once you have it and it fits your fuel tank well, you can smile and say goodbye to fuel theft.

You must be careful about this because once you install your anti-siphon fuel device; it can’t be easy to remove it. You might not even remove it at all.

Once you have an understanding of anti-siphon fuel devices in Kenya, you can get one and prevent your fuel from being stolen.
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