Distracted driving sending text messages while driving

Distracted Driving: Sending Text Messages While Driving

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The evolution of smartphones has introduced a new way of communication into our social fabric. While people are just used to making phone calls when they want to connect with others, texting has become a social norm with the number of smartphone mobile messaging apps increasing.

Texting is a very good way of communication if you’re not able or do not want to talk to someone. But sending text messages while driving is very dangerous. Sending text messages while driving takes your focus off the driving and unto your phone, leading to what is called, “Distracted Driving.”

Distracted Driving is one of the major causes of road accidents. And sending text messages while driving using your phone is one of the major causes of distracted driving! Sending text messages while driving involves composing, reviewing, sending and answering text messages when you are busy driving!

The temptation comes in when close people message you.

Even though you know that it is dangerous to be sending text messages while driving, you resort to it. The key is to either put your phone off while driving or put the message notification off or install an app on your phone that helps to manage your test messaging while driving.

A research study conducted by the Malaysian Institute of Safety Research (MIROS) among 300 respondents revealed the following causes of distracted driving with regards to using smartphones:

  • 43% of road users use mobile phones while driving
  • 7% of drivers receive phone calls at least one to three times per week
  • 53% of drivers use their mobile phones when they are being caught up traffic jams.
  • 53% of drivers resort to sending text message while driving.

That simply means 53% of drivers are risking their lives to road accidents while driving. Distracted driving can lead to many fatal accidents which can take lives. The key is to maintain good smartphone practices while driving by silencing your notification and desist from texting.

Message back to people who send you text messages when you are done driving! Remember you can’t afford to lose your life just because of one single text message.

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