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If you don’t know how to drive through mud safely, you can move from can be in a serious mess, stress and frustration. Knowing how to drive through mud is very important these due to unfavorable weather changes and improper roads.

So here we go the 5 steps to take to drive through mud safely.

  1. Check the Depth of the Mud Before Driving Through

The very first step to drive through mud safely is to check the depth of the mud. If you don’t take the time to check through the mud well, you may get stuck. There are actually shallow mud and deep mud. It is easier to drive through shall mud than deep mud.

The way you check is to simple get of your car with a small stick in your hand and then dip it in the mud, to measure the depth. By doing so you can quickly ascertain whether it is a deep mud or shallow mud and then find a way to drive through it safely.

  1. Engage the Traction Control & Switch to 4WD

The traction control located on the dashboard console is a key to help the car to climb out of the mud. The traction control helps to reduce the friction between the tires and the break when you begin turning the driving wheel and moving.

You can move on to 4H or 4L if you need more boost to climb out of the mud. Most vehicles have 4H or 4 L which helps to engage all the four wheels of the vehicle while driving through the mud.

  1. Move to a Slower Gear

It is also important to turn the gear level to a slower or lower level to enable the traction control performs its jobs. A slower gear level also helps the car to move slowly and gradually reducing the grip of mud on the tires while moving.

  1. Go on Easy With Gas and Break While Controlling the Front Wheel Skid

Skidding happens when you are turning your steering wheel but you realize the car is moving straight. This is often caused by mud patches which holds up the tires when begin stepping on the gas and breaks.

To control the skidding, it’s very important to check if you can put some bricks, stones or sticks under the skidding tires while at the same time go easy on the gas and breaks slow and gently until you drive through the mud slowly.

  1. Check Up on the Car And Move to Lower Gear to Toss Off Mud

Once you move through the mud, the next thing to do is to park the car and checkup. Ensure that no environmental hazards have affected the state of your car. Once through, reduce your gear to a lower level to toss of mud on the tires and also reduce pressure on the engine and wheels.

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