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Getting stuck in the mud?

Driving through mud safely is what every driver must learn. Failure to learn simple driving tips that will help you to always climb out of the mud when you get stuck will turn your tears of laughter into tears of frustration.

To begin with, you need to ensure your tires are in good condition with good pressure. Getting traction aids in your car as well. A bag of sand or gravel is also important. Keeping a car jack and others in your vehicle is important to overcome this challenge.

In most cases, when you find yourself getting stuck in the mud, it may be that you did not check the depth of the mud very well before passing through. Even after checking, some slow mud may be difficult to get through.

Well, here are the 4 things to do.

  1. Turn On Your Hazards Light to Alert Oncoming Vehicles

To prevent traffic and other vehicles coming from getting stuck in the mud, it is important to put your hazard lights on. Simply shove off the visible buttons so that the hazard lights will blink to alert oncoming vehicles of an impending danger.

  1. Turn the Vehicle Wheel Straight & Turn on Gas Padle Slowly

If you suppose you can still make your way through, then turn the driving wheel straight and try pressing on the gas paddle slowly with the gear level down. If you find yourself skidding and spinning continuously, stop and reduce traction.

  1. Reduce Traction Through Sand, Gravel or Flat Stick

To reduce traction so that the vehicle can easily move through the mud, move the car backwards small. With a shovel, fetch all mud patches that are preventing the car from moving, poor a little amount of sand or gravel to reduce traction. With you gear down, steering wheel straight, press slightly on  the gas pedal gradually until you move through the mud.

  1. Call For Emergencies If things Are Tough

If you realize that the mud is deep and coming through is not possible, the best thing to do is to sit down in your car and call for emergencies. If you want to come out to stop coming vehicles to come to your assistance, make sure you check your mirror and come slowly so you don’t fall down in the mud.

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