Driving with dim vision in Kenya

Driving with dim vision in Kenya

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It’s the responsibility of each driver to ensure that they and their passengers are safe when driving. However, faint vision among drivers can be a significant traffic hazard.

It’s then necessary to ensure drivers can see well when driving. If a driver can’t see well, they may cause serious accidents.

With the modern lifestyles, it is common to see an old driver in the road. It has, however, advisable that drivers undergo an eye test to ensure they are fit on the road.

When you should know you have a dim vision problem:  

There can be instances when you should visit an optician for an eye test. When you experience any of these:

  • Haloes around traffic lights: If you happen to begin seeing haloes around traffic lights, it is time to visit an optician. The same thing happens when you start seeing haloes around lights of oncoming
  • Being sensitive to glares: If your eyes fear to look straight at frowns, it may be because of dim Driving with dim vision can be dangerous.

You can test your vision by glaring at glares and check if your eyes are sensitive to it. If they are sensitive, you can visit an optician.

  • Blurred reading: If you happen to find out that you have a problem when reading, it can be a result of a dimming You should try to consult the doctor and follow the necessary recommendations to restore visibility.

What causes dim vision among drivers?

Few things lead to dimming vision among drivers. Here are some of them:

  1. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is when pressure builds up on the eye and cause poor vision. When driving with dim vision, it can be a challenge to see well particularly at night.

The best way to avoid this is by preventing pressure from building up on the eye.

Visit the doctor if this happens and have your eyes examined.

  1. Age

Age causes dim vision. If a person begins to approach seventy years and above, it becomes hard to see correctly. It becomes hard to dilate pupils in the dark.

It’s in old age that the cornea becomes less clear, with that, it becomes hard to drive with dim vision. The government should begin an initiative to test drivers who are old for their safety and the safety of their passengers.

  • Deficiency of vitamin A

You should include vitamin A in your diet if you want to have a clear vision. You don’t want to drive with dim vision.

People with pancreatic insufficiency are more likely to contract vitamin A deficiency.

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