How to undertake car track installation in Kenya yourself

How to Do a Car Track installation in Kenya Yourself

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Your car is an essential asset, having invested lots of money into it. Not taking care of it can make it get lost and all your investment vanishes in thin wind. Do you have a personal driver or a fleet of cars? You need to undertake car track installation in Kenya. The best way to track your car is to buy and install a car tracker on it.

As long as you have a car tracker on your car, you can know its locations, the amount of fuel in it. The installation process would not be a daunting task if you thought it was. Here is how to do it:

Consider the type of car tracker you have

Before you decide to undertake the task, you need to know the kind of car tracker you are having. There are two types of car trackers:

  • Hardwired car tracker
  • Portable car tracker

Each one of them will require a different installation. However, it’s simpler to install a mobile car tracker because of its ease in handling it. You only need to find a suitable place to attach it. Most come with a magnetic base hence connecting it anywhere metallic in your car becomes easy.

You can choose to have it closer to the dashboard for easy navigation. If you’re installing a car tracker for different reasons, you might want to obstruct its view. Place it inside the engine bonnet or the toolbox.

For a hardwired tracker, you might need to contact us. It’s, however, a process you can learn.

  1. Find a power source for your tracker

For your car tracker to function, it needs power. Now that it has no internal battery, it needs to use your car battery to work. You should know where an OBD port is located in your car because that’s where to source power for your car tracker.

An OBD port is always in your car’s dashboard. Once you locate the two wires, use a power meter to ensure you’re connecting them properly. You can also decide to have dedicated batteries for your tracker; it’s essential when your car battery is not working.

  1. Place the tracker in the case

The next step is to place the tracker in a case. The case should be magnetic proof for proper navigation.

Once done, place the case at a suitable location such as below your car seat.

  1. Test the tracker

Once everything is set up, you can set the tracker to ensure it’s working. Use your phone or your laptop to do this.

In case you find this a daunting task, you can contact us to do the job for you. We undertake car track installation in Kenya. Contact us today.

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