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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Tracking in Kenya

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Would you want to track your car? Tracking your car is essential to ensure you know where and how your vehicle is at any given time. However, if it’s your first time, you might wonder how to track and trace in Kenya.

Here are the frequently asked questions about car tracking in Kenya and their answers:

  1. What’s a car tracking system?

It’s a collecting of few gadgets that enables you to know the location of your car, how long it traveled, and its dashboard information. To do this, it has to make use of the software and hardware properties of the gadgets.

  1. How does a car tracker work?

The device tracks a car using a global positioning system, which is a coordination of satellites and receivers that detect the position of an object on earth. This coordination tracks the movement of your car whenever you install a car tracker on it.

  1. What powers the car tracker?

In most instances, your car battery powers the tracker. Your car battery is typically 12 volts or 24Volts, which is enough to charge the tracker. However, in case the car battery is dead, the tracker has an inbuilt battery that lasts for an average of 28 hours, to ensure you’re able to track and trace in Kenya if the car battery is dead.

  1. How do I track and trace my car in Kenya?

To connect to a GRS, you need an internet connection and your laptop or your phone. We will provide you with a platform that enables you to track your vehicle in real time. The tracker in your car will be sending real updates on the location; distance traveled, amount of fuel, and lots of other information.

  1. Someone might steal the track and trace device

In case it happens that someone wants to tamper with your car tracker, there is a system to alert you about it. We ensure the tracker has various ways of communicating to you, such as sending a text message to your phone. The situation happens when someone tampers with your car battery, and hence the tracker has to use its internal battery. That’s the benefits of having an internal battery; once the car battery has faults, the tracker can still communicate to you.

You can decide to send a backup car battery if you find out that it’s the one with faults.

Tracking your car is vital to the safety of your car. You need to ensure you have a car tracker installed on your vehicle. To save on costs, and to have full control of your vehicle wherever it is.

We can install a car tracker on your car. You don’t have to lose your car to thieves because you can’t reclaim it once it’s lost. We help you to track and trace in Kenya. Contact us today.

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