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How to Locate a GPS Device in Your Car

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In most cases, a GPS device is used to manage a fleet of cars if you own a transport company, a car owner who has a personal driver and sends him or her on errands, and some other reasons. However, for criminals to track your whereabouts, they can use a GPS tracker in Kenya.

To prevent this, you need to know if someone is tracking your car. Here is what to do:

  1. Understand how a GPS device looks like

You can’t start looking for something that you don’t know how it looks. A car tracker is a small device similar to a small box with a magnetic side that’s used to attach it to the car. It might have an antenna that acts as a receiver and a transmitter.

However, these devices vary according to a manufacturer and require an expert to identify it, but if you notice any device that looks strange and has the specifications mentioned, you can contact us to proof.

If you find something like this in your car, you need to ask an expert if it’s a GPS device to ensure you remove it immediately.

  1. Use an electric sweeper

An electric sweeper is a small device used to detect the presence of radio frequency transmission in a place. Once it detects the waves, it alerts you with a flashing light, a vibration, or a tone.

To detect if there is a GPS device in your car, you need to move the sweeper around your car slowly. Once it notifies you of any radio transmission frequency, you need to look for the GPS device and disintegrate it. At most, times, it gives the signal stronger as you approach the GPS device.

They came in various sizes and shapes according to purposes and manufactures. You can get an electric sweeper that looks like a pen, while another one might look like a walkie-talkie. Now you might wonder how a GPS tracker in Kenya is easily traced if it’s on your car, it’s merely by the use of an electric sweeper.

  1. Do a physical check

Performing a physical inspection can also be useful in detecting a GPS device on your car. You need to know what it looks like before you embark on locating it. Perform an exterior look by looking around the body of your vehicle and detecting any device that might be a tracker. Also, perform an exterior check inside the engine section, the toolbox, and anywhere you might suspect there is a potential place to place a GPS device.

Would you want to track your car? We will do it for you. A car is an essential asset to you ought to know its whereabouts every time. If you’re thinking of where to get a GPS in Kenya to track your car, we have it for you. Contact us today.

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