Where to buy a car tracker in Kenya

Where To Buy a Car Tracker in Kenya

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Would you want to track your car? We understand how essential it’s for the safety of your car. You need to have control of your car anytime. To ensure you’re in full control of your car or fleet of vehicles, know where to buy a car tracker in Kenya because there are different places you can get a tracker, but not all are of high quality.

Would you not want something that lasts? Here is where to find the best car tracker:

  • Eureka Africa

This company stocks and sells high-quality road safety and security products and services. They consist of a team of experts who have been in the road safety and security niche for long. Here you can not only find a car tracker, but any other product you might need to ensure your car is safe.

To ensure you get the right tracker, visit our website and contact us. We ensure all products met international standards; hence, you will be buying a verified car tracker. Contact us today for a car track installation in Kenya.

  • Other authorized suppliers

There are some other legit distributors of car trackers in Kenya. Apart from the ones being known, don’t buy a car tracker from dealers you don’t know. Not all are of high quality.

You can also search online to find the best distributor around or ask for recommendations from friends.

How much does a car tracker costs?

A car tracker is not something that costs an arm and a leg; neither does it costs a few dimes. It’s something almost any car owner can have. With $100 to $500, you can part with a good car tracker system. You will either install it yourself, pay someone to fix it for you, or ask the company to do the installation at a small fee.

You can always contact us to do the installation for you. Once you buy from us, we offer free car track installation in Kenya.

Where should I place a car tracker to get the best tracking experience?

To ensure your tracker is communicating with the satellite and send the location of your car, you need to ensure you place it in a suitable position. Here are the best places to install your car tracker:

Dashboard: it has many wires but adequate space to store the car tracker.

Wheel wells: depending on the reasons for tracking your car, this spot can be suitable to avoid anyone noticing the tracker. Be careful, however, from the braking system of the wheels.

Front bumper: another suitable place to ensure no tampers with the car tracker.

Would you want a car track installation in Kenya, we can do the task for you. We’re professionals in road security and safety. You can contact us today.  

You can contact Eureka Technical Services Limited for more information!

We are a security and safety limited company focused on ensuring road safety has all that you need to ensure road safety! Contact us for all your road safety needs: Speed Warning Systems, Car Alarms, Digital Speed Governor with Record and Online Tracking and Vehicle Tracking System.

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