Why Every Public Transport Vehicle in Ethiopia Must Use a Speed Governor

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A speed governor, also known as a speed limiter is a device used to measure and regulate the speed of a machine, such as an engine. There are six basic types of governors and an example is the Mechanical centrifugal flyweight which relies on a set of rotating flyweights.

Speed governors in Ethiopia are used to tackle the growing number of road accidents. This is done by the Federal Transport Authority of Ethiopia.

Speed governors are now mandatory for public transport vehicles. The government officially launched the installation and use of speed governors in public and commercial vehicles in an attempt to reduce road accidents resulting from speeding.

The device limits vehicles to a maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour and has the capacity to trim down the speed to 25 kilometers per hour every time the vehicle attempt to exceed the set maximum velocity.

In addition, it has a storage computer which allows controllers or traffic offices to check the previous speed of the vehicle, and errors if the device is tampered with.

Speed governors in Ethiopia will not only regulate the speed at which we move on our roads but also contribute tremendously to reducing road accidents and traffic offenses. This also comes with comfort and relaxation on the side of the passengers who will, this time around, not be worried about likely accidents because of reckless speeding by drivers.

Every public transport vehicle in Ethiopia must use a speed governor because drivers are the prime beneficiaries. This is because in most cases when an accident occurs, drivers are the first victims. Again, this is also an economic and saving factor because the driver is the one who incurs loses by paying penalties for speeding.

Speed governors in Ethiopia are essential because it protects the engine and the car itself. Another important factor is the car’s tires.

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