Driving in Fog

6 Safe Driving Tips You Need to Know When Driving in Fog

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Driving in fog is considered to be the most dangerous weather hazard, most importantly if it is in a dense fog or combined with other adverse weather conditions. Fog can make driving difficult and even more dangerous especially when one is a seasoned pro behind the wheel.

If you must drive in foggy conditions, there are some safety tips one have to keep in mind. They include:

The Distance between your car and the one in front of you should be plenty. Once your visibility is decreased it means one could be braking often. In other words, slow down. It may take you longer to get to your destination, but your safety is worth it.

Take advantage of your windshield wipers and defrosters. Moisture and ice on your windshield can create a fierce or angry stare, which can make it even more difficult to see. Give yourself the best view possible by clearing off your windshield completely so that one can be able to see clearly.

Resist the common urge to use the lights of any vehicles in front of you as a guide. This can actually cause you to focus too much on the narrow patch (a small area that is different in some way from the area that surrounds it) of the landscape in front of you – causing you to miss other things.

Don’t accelerate if a car behind you is too close. It can be tempting to try and “lose” the guy who is right on your tail, but that can actually make your situation more dangerous. Stick to a safe, reasonable speed limit in the fog, even if other drivers don’t.

“Follow the right-side line of the road to guide you,” suggests AccuWeather. That’s easy enough to remember. Don’t be afraid to slow down and drive cautiously along the right side of the roadway. Roadside reflectors can help guide you, as well.

Check your mirrors before slowing down, and gently apply your brakes. The earlier you can start to tap the brakes, the better. Your brake lights will alert drivers behind you that you are slowing down, and you won’t catch them by surprise with a sudden stop.

In a nutshell, heavy fog can cut down on a driver’s visibility and create dangerous driving conditions. It is important to stay focused and use extra caution if you need to drive during heavy fog.

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