Low Quality Speed Governors in India

The Use of Low Quality Speed Governors in Kenya

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The National Road Safety Council member and noted road safety expert Kamal Soi has said that the use of low-quality speed governors is on the rise in Kerala, leading to accident facilities. This may be due to the transport department not keeping a register on governors.

The causes of low-quality speed governors in Kenya been used is as follows:

Firstly, in addressing a press conference at Kerala, Mr. Soi said that speed governors without the quality certificate, serial, and model numbers were widely used in vehicles.

Secondly, vehicles with such low-quality speed governors in Kenya were also being issued fitness certificates owing to official ignorance about the guidelines on speed governors.

Also, the state government consistently failed in the implementation of speed governors which is critical to road safety. The state transportation department was not keeping a register on the details of speed governors and was in effect certifying unrecognized speed governors

Fitness certificates were being issued to even those vehicles without physical verification by Regional Transport offices through a letter was sent to the state of government pointing out such irregularities in March last and September, no action was forthcoming.

Another letter was sent on April 14, seeking action against companies responsible for manufacturing faulty speed governors. No action was taken in this either. an action against such companies was called for and the state government was asked to shed its apathy towards road safety.

As per the National Crime Records Bureau, the number of deaths caused by accidents has been increasing in the state. The number has risen from 4,000 in 2014 to 4,196 a year after.

In a nutshell, the union government opted for tough implementation of speed governors based on the realization that over speeding by heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks caused most of the accidents.

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