speed governor installation in Kenya

How to undertake speed governor installation in Kenya

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With the current rates of road accidents caused by over speeding, you need to ensure you drive at recommended speeds not only for your safety but also for other drivers and pedestrians walking.

The best way to reduce your car’s speed to recommended levels is by undertaking speed governor installation in Kenya for all your vehicles.  A speed governor is simply a device that measures the speed of your car, if it exceeds the required limits, it will cut off the supply of fuel to the engine using centrifugal force. Here is why the installation of a speed governor is essential to your vehicle:

  • To save on fuel

A speed governor helps to save your fuel expenses. By cutting off the supply of fuel to the engine whenever the speed of the engine is high, it helps to conserve fuel. A speed governor works using a centrifugal force. The more the engine shaft propels, the more it generates the centrifugal force. Once the force reaches the maximum limit, it triggers a valve that cuts off the supply of fuel into the engine.

  • To control speed

Your vehicle should move at recommend speed; otherwise, it might cause accidents. By undertaking speed governor installation in Kenya, you will have helped to ensure the car does not over speed. Sometimes, your vehicle brakes might fail to bring it to recommended speeds; hence, a speed governor helps in most instances because it is a daunting task to control a fast speeding vehicle.

  • To enhance your vehicle life cycle

Most drivers apply brakes on their vehicles almost all the time when driving. Others apply excessive braking whenever there is something ahead of them, or in case the car develops mechanical problems suddenly. In such cases, a speed governor helps to reduce braking, which tears off the braking system of your car and ensure it lasts long.

Why hire an expert to undertake speed governor installation in Kenya

When installing a speed governor, you need to have adequate skills. You might damage your car in the process if you don’t follow the right procedure. As a result, you need to hire an expert to do the task for you. Here is why:

  • Experience: If you hire us to install a speed governor on your car, you’re hiring people with experience. We have been doing this for a long time. Hence, we will give you professional services.
  • Takes less time: If you do the task alone, you will take time to get it done. However, an expert will take less time since it’s something they have repeatedly been doing.

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