speed governor price in kenya

What’s the speed governor price in Kenya?

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Do you know the importance of a speed governor on your vehicle? Have you attempted checking the speed governor price in Kenya in the hope of getting one for your car? It helps a great deal in reducing speeding and saving lives.

Overspeeding of cars has been a significant cause of road accidents in Kenya. Despite the government trying its best to reduce the menace, it still has not borne fruits because more accidents continue to occur.

Motorists fail to obey the set rules such as the recommended speeds and end up causing accidents. The NTSA imposed stringent measures recently, but nothing much changed.

To reduce speeding in cars, you need to use a speed governor in your vehicle. If it’s your first time using it, you might need a little knowledge of what it is and how it can help you.

What’s a speed governor?

Have you ever came across this name and wondered what it’s? A speed governor is nothing strange. Just from its name, it’s a vehicle device used to reduce speed whenever a car tends to speed beyond the recommended levels.

How it functions is quite simple; it’s connected to the car engine, once the car engine goes beyond the recommended speeds, it cuts off the supply of fuel to the engine and causes the engine to slow down using centrifugal force. It imposes benefits such as improving the life cycle of the engine and any other power-producing device.

What is the price?

Do you want to install your car with a speed governor? It’s of great importance to ensure you do so because it will help to reduce accidents caused by over speeding. In addition, it will help to preserve the value of your engine.

The speed governor price in Kenya is between Ksh10, 000 to Ksh50, 000. The cost varies due to different things.

What determines the price?

  • The vendor: the price varies according to where you buy; you might obtain from Eureka Africa at Ksh10, 000, and buy elsewhere at a higher price.
  • The type of Speed governor: There are different types of speed governors. Depending on the type you would like, their price will vary.
  • The quality: The quality matters, too. If a speed governor is of high quality, it will cost more.

You need to know how to purchase a high-quality speed governor. You can contact us to have one installed in your car.


A speed governor is important in the reduction of accidents in Kenyan roads. You need to know the speed governors price in Kenya before you can commit to purchasing one. Contact us to have your car installed with a quality speed governor.

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