Good Road Transports in Africa

Importance of Good Road Transport in Africa

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Transportation is a key driver of socio-economic growth in every country and continent. Countries with the best roads make mobility and distribution of goods and services faster and easier. This goes a long way to improve the bottom line of companies and improves the country’s GDP.

90% of transportation in Africa is done via roads with an estimated 2% of the world’s vehicles operating in Africa according to World Bank Group. That means to increase the socio-economic development, there’s a need to work on good road transport in Africa.

The importance of road transport in African cannot be underestimated. Most of the distribution chains in Africa are carried about trough road transport. That tells you dependent the country is on upon the development of good road networks.

Good road transports in Africa performs the following core functions:

1. Provides access to jobs: Most people’s job requires moving from one place to another. That means there is a need for good road transports in Africa to facilitate this movement so that they can increase their productivity.

2. Links up production to distribution: Transportation is very important in linking up production with distribution. Goods need to be produced. But the goods need to be distributed in order to reach the consumers or wholesalers to make profit. Good roads facilitate the process!

3. Provide access to health care: The importance of road transports in Africa is very serious when we come to health care. Bad road networks in many countries in Africa have led to the astronomical increase in sick deaths. With good roads networks, it will make it easy for the ambulance to reach the hospital earlier for treatments to save life.

4. Provides access to markets: Good road transports in Africa goes a long way to increase economic and business activities in the country. Good transport system has made it easy to move goods to their respect consumers—increasing profitability to the company and GDP for the country.

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