Why Most Kenyans Don’t Wear Seat Belts

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The importance of wearing seat belts cannot be underestimated. While seat belts have become important in recent times and have been built into new cars, it is rather shocking that most Kenyans don’t wear seat belts.

Seat belts are very essential in protecting drivers and passengers from being thrown off the car when the inevitable accident occurs. It reduces the rate of being harmed and injured during a road accident because it works with the air bags to protect you.

Despite the marvelous work of seat belts, most Kenya’s simply don’t wear their seat belt. It is no wonder the alarming rate of road accidents in Kenya. So why is it that most Kenyans don’t wear seat belts and simply expose themselves to road hazards?

  1. Lack of Education on the Importance of Seat belts

There have been a lot of awareness about road safety, but few awareness have been put in when it comes to doing the things that will enable road safety to reign—things such as wearing of seat belts.

There should be more awareness and education on key causes of road accidents death like overspeeding, reckless driving and failure to wear seat belts. This will enable most Kenyans to be safety conscious and put on their seat belt!

  1. People Don’t Feel Comfortable When they Buckle Seat Belts

Most Kenyans just want to feel comfortable. But you don’t want to feel comfortable at the expense of your safety. Failing to put on your seat belt because you want to feel comfortable will simply expose you to serious fractures and multiple injuries when you’re being caught up in a road accident.

Forget about feeling comfort and put on your seat belt! You don’t want to sustain either deep nor multiple fractures—so you have to practice wearing your seat belts always.

  1. Poor Law Enforcement

Police officials will arrest drivers who fail to wear their seat belts, but what about the passengers? Ideally, the passengers should also be arrested for not wearing their seat belt? This will ensure that both drivers and passengers put on their seat belt to ensure safety on the road.

The police officials should also desist from the practice of taking small bribes from drivers when they see them not putting their seat belts as well their passengers. Drivers are responsible for the live of the passengers so drivers should ensure that their passengers put on seat belts.

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